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ADRIATIC GETAWAY is a unique travel agency, specialized in travel to Croatia and neighboring countries. As a travel agent, long term journalist and passionate traveler I wanted to offer people a distinctive travel experience. And as a Native Croatian (born and raised in Zagreb) with a permanent address in California, I have decided to show the world what my home country is like.


Will be in the hands of our experienced team

Ivana Flores
Travel Specialist for Croatia, California

I want people to discover the remarkable beauty that is so unique for Croatia! The best way is to create personalized tours with the right guidance of native Croatians and passionate travelers such as myself and other team members.

Edis Mujic
Specialist for Active Travel, Croatia

My goal is to make sure that right level of sports – hiking, rafting, sea kayaking, sailing, cycling etc. – in different natural reservoirs gives exclusive perspective to the vacations. I want traveler to enjoy Croatia in a different angle.

Borna Subota
Producer, Croatia

Producing events are my specialty and I found very inviting and challenging to create fun times on the boat. There are soooo many options to create great experience in unique way.

Katja Kresic
Tour Guide for Game of Thrones Tour

I love doing Game of Thrones tours! Of course I am also a big fan of the series! I was very lucky that I had a chance to be part of the GOT crew, because I worked in Third and Fourth season. As an insider I can reveal more details to the fans about filming GOT in this part of the world.

Drazen Sevo
Travel Specials, Croatia

As experienced travel specialist I can offer to our clients different options of great vacations in Croatia.

  •     Thanks to Ivana and her website that I had thoroughly read I made the decision to visit Croatia and discover for myself. I am back now after 10 wonderful days of sensory overload including the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and of the Plitvice Lakes, the smell of lavender plants growing abundantly in Split, the magical sounds of organs playing in the Sea near Zadar, the tastes of delicious Grah (bean soup) after a refreshing walk in the cool mountains of Sljeme and most of all, the feelings we will keep in our hearts forever of the Croatian people...warm, helpful, open, friendly and so so welcoming. I simply can't wait to go back.
    Karen Braun
  • I just returned from a dream vacation in Croatia and can't say enough good things about this wonderful country.  It has all the characteristics of a perfect destination:  spectacular scenery; fascinating history; wonderful people; delicious food; reasonable prices and SOOO much to do and see.  No matter what kind of vacation you like, chances are you would find it in Croatia with Ivana’s care. I can't wait to go back!
    Sherrie McMahon

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